About Us

What is the Computer Science Student Council?

The Computer Science Student Council is made up of all students enrolled in the Computer Science degree. The interests of these students are represented by the student council.

What is a student council?

The student council consists of a maximum of 28 students (according to the total number of students in Summer Semester 2024) and is elected by the students once a year. This council has the task of representing the interests of the students and assisting them with problems, questions or other concerns.

This includes, among other things

  • Discussing and solving problems with professors/lecturers
  • Orientation of first semester students (see ESAG)
  • Collecting and handing out exams and scripts

In addition, we offer other events, e.g. game nights, tournaments or programming crash courses and are happy to receive more suggestions from other students. A more detailed overview of our tasks can be found here. A public meeting is held every week during the lecture period, to which visitors are most welcome. In this meeting, we discuss current tasks and concerns of the student council. The exact dates are published on this website (but usually have a regularity in themselves).

How do you become a member of the student council and what are your duties?

The general election meeting takes place 7 to 14 days before the annual student council election. A candidacy must be submitted in writing by this date at the latest. The relevant form is available in the student council room.

We recommend that all those who wish to be elected to the student council introduce themselves to the current student council beforehand. Just drop by some time and explain how you would like to get involved in the Council: organizing and helping with events, introducing a new type of event, Administration of server and infrastructure, purchase of snacks and drinks, social media, the newsletter, managing the e-mail inbox …

Irrespective of the tasks with fixed responsibilities, every councillor is expected to attend the meetings, which usually take place weekly ,help with the ESAG and answer questions and concerns from students to the best of their knowledge and belief. You can find a more detailed description of the things we do here.

The current council

Sophie Rauer

  • Instagram (mainly responsible)
  • Whatsapp (mainly responsible)
  • Cash register (substitute)
  • Newsletter (substitute)

Sören Stölting

  • Bachelors Tutorial (mainly responsible)
  • Hardware (mainly responsible)
  • Linux Install Party (mainly responsible)
  • Newsletter (mainly responsible)
  • Server (substitute)

Valentin Pukhov

  • Freshman Newspaper (mainly responsible)
  • Glass cabinets (mainly responsible)
  • Instagram (mainly responsible)
  • Post (mainly responsible)
  • Meeting coordination (mainly responsible)
  • Whatsapp (mainly responsible)
  • Tidying up (substitute)
  • FSVK (substitute)
  • Linux Install Party (substitute)

Felix Nilles

  • Hardware (mainly responsible)
  • Transcript Uploader (mainly responsible)
  • Server (mainly responsible)
  • Website (mainly responsible)
  • Glass cabinets (substitute)
  • Internal Discord Admin (substitute)
  • Linux Install Party (substitute)
  • User Management (substitute)

Kendra Eckardt

  • Tutorial DSAI (mainly responsible)
  • Instagram (mainly responsible)
  • Tidying up (substitute)

Marcel “Markal” Gerken

  • Internal Discord Admin (mainly responsible)
  • Whatsapp (mainly responsible)
  • Social Drinking (substitute)

Jonas Goudarzi

  • Tidying up (mainly responsible)
  • Branchenevents-Calender (mainly responsible)
  • Evaluation (mainly responsible)
  • Job exchange (mainly responsible)
  • Sponsoring (mainly responsible)
  • Social Drinking (mainly responsible)
  • Email (substitute)
  • Tutorial DSAI (substitute)

Sotiris Galanos

  • Evaluation (mainly responsible)
  • Hardware (mainly responsible)
  • Calendar (mainly responsible)

Florian Schubert

  • FSVK (mainly responsible)
  • User Management (mainly responsible)
  • Tutorial Bachelor (substitute)
  • Server (stellvertretend)

Arthur Wienstroer

  • Cmpuskino (mainly responsible)
  • Email (mainly responsible)
  • Website (mainly responsible)
  • Linux Install Party (substitute)
  • Post (substitute)
  • Server (substitute)

Robert Steig

  • Cash register (mainly responsible)
  • Meeting coordination (substitute)

Jay Niebisch

  • Campuskino (mainly responsible)
  • Drinks (mainly responsible)
  • Whatsapp (mainly responsible)
  • Internal Discord Admin (substitute)
  • Snack (substitute)

Michael Hartmann

  • Drinks (mainly responsible)
  • Hardware (mainly responsible)
  • Keys (mainly responsible)
  • Snack (mainly responsible)
  • Server (substitute)
  • INPhiMa Cash register

Voluntary representatives for the Scientific Institution (WE)

  • Valentin Pukhov
  • Jonas Goudarzi

Elected representatives for the Bachelor’s examination board

  • Sotiris Galanos (mainly responsible)
  • Valentin Pukhov (substitute)

Elected representatives for the Master’s Examination Board

  • Lian Remme (mainly responsible)
  • Alex Wantz (substitute)

Elected representatives for the Examination Board Master DSAI.

  • TBA

Representative for the Advisory Board

  • Sotiris Galanos (mainly responsible)
  • Michael Hartmann (substitute)

Responsibilities and contact

Contact: Please send all e-mails to the student council to out mail address fscs@uni-duesseldorf.de. The mail will then be processed by the responsible person.

The ancestor gallery can be found here.