New Students

Thank you for your interest in a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree programme in Computer Science at Heinrich Heine University. On these pages you will find everything you need to know (from a student’s point of view) that you won’t find on the other pages of the university.

If you are not yet studying here, you should have a look at the following page in particular:

Starting your studies

If you have already enrolled, you will find important information about events at the start of your studies here.

Presentation Specialised tutorial

The semester has already started, but you are still disorientated?

  • Sample study plan
  • Current examination regulations (PO21 p. 54-56) Changes to the old PO
  • Pre-course
  • ESAG (Freshers’ Week)
  • General videos about starting your studies

Note on the winter semester 2023/2024

With the new examination regulations 2021 (PO21) there are two different sample study plans: One with the new maths modules for computer scientists, one with the old maths modules for mathematicians. Below are the plans for the first winter semester:

  • Sample study plan with maths for computer scientists
    • Mathematics for computer scientists 1
    • Programming
    • Computer architecture
    • Scientific work
  • Sample study plan with mathematics of mathematics
    • Programming
    • Scientific work
    • Analysis I
    • Linear Algebra I

After registering in the LSF, you will be part of the mailing list and will then receive regular information about the schedule from the lecturers and relevant links (such as to web meetings or the lecture streams, or also to cancellations).

It is also worth checking ILIAS regularly to see if anything has already been announced there. The ILIAS is a forum for modules. As soon as you are registered for a module in the LSF, you will be added to the respective room after a short time (usually 1-2 days), provided the lecturer works with the ILIAS ).

All lectures (in bold) and tutorials (red) that you should attend in the first semester are listed below. In the tutorials for the maths lectures, questions about the material from the lectures can be answered and the lecture material is further deepened. Each lecture is accompanied by a two-hour exercise, and in computer science there is sometimes also a practical exercise in which the exercise sheets that you receive as homework are discussed and in which questions can (and should) also be asked. The exercises take place in small groups. In the right-hand column you will find the links to the course pages for the current semester.

You can register for the lectures via the course catalogue (LSF). You can find out exactly how to do this during our first semester introduction or by coming to the student council (room and asking us. How to attend the tutorials is usually discussed in the first lecture.

Current timetables for this semester can be found HERE.

If you have any questions, you can always drop by the student council (room or give us a call (0211 81 14846). We are available all day during the lecture period and will be happy to help you.

Complete model study plan:

1ProgrammierungRechnerarchitekturWissenschaftlichs ArbeitenMathematik für Informatiker 1
2Programmierpraktikum 1Datenbanken: Eine EinführungGrundlagen der ComputernetzwerkeMathematik für Informatiker 2
3Programmierpraktikum 2Algorithmen und DatenstrukturenMathematik für Informatiker 3
4Wahlbereich / SeminarData ScienceC-Programmierung für Algorithmen und Daten­strukturenTheoretische Informatik
5Wahlbereich / Seminar
6Wahlbereich Abschlussarbeit Abschlussseminar


If you have already started your studies, you may have already received one of our Ersti-Sticks, you can find all information about this in our Ersti-Stick-FAQ.


If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us (Contact). Also by e-mail (! Otherwise, we hope you enjoy browsing our website.