Here you will find a list and description of all the events we offer.

All planned events can be found in the calendar on the start page. Our standard slot for events is Fridays, 16:30 with an open end (often after midnight)

If you are interested in other computer science events in Düsseldorf, we have a small overview for you here.

Linux Install Party

The Linux Install Party always takes place early in the winter semester. Here we help you to upgrade your laptop/PC/toaster to Linux!


As a team you compete against other teams in a wide-ranging quiz in a cosy pub atmosphere! Cheers.

Game Night

At our monthly board games evening, you can choose from a huge selection of board games and have fun with lots of different people throughout the evening!


Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, everyone is welcome at our Magic-The-Gathering game night! From classic to experimental game modes, everything is included.

Mario Kart Cup

Every quarter (spring, summer, autumn, winter) we organise a Mario Kart Cup! Race against each other and win great prizes.


This is where the party starts! With over 3000 songs in our database, there should be something for every karaoke enthusiast to enjoy.

Wizard Tournament

Every year we hold a preliminary round in the game “Wizard” in co-operation with AMIGO. You can win great prizes and qualify for the German Championship at the AMIGO Games Festival.

Film Evening

In cooperation with the CampusKino we regularly show you great films at reasonable prices (~1-2€ per film) in a lecture hall atmosphere! For the right cinema feeling, each screening also begins with advertising that you might recognise from the Ersti-Theater! It’s worth it for that alone.

Tabletop Evening or Pen&paper Introduction Day

Never heard of it or already an old veteran? All are welcome. Here we offer some tabletop systems and miniatures board games as well as the opportunity to build and paint miniatures in a convivial atmosphere. Do you have something you want to bring along? Always welcome!

Regulars’ Table

Every 1st Tuesday of the month at 6 pm.

Here you can meet up with old friends or make new ones! All in a cosy atmosphere.

Advent Quiz

Every year we organise an Advent quiz with great prizes! Your technical and combinatorial skills will be put to the test!


As part of InPhiMa (student councils for computer science, physics, mathematics and natural sciences), we organise a big barbecue at the beginning and end of the semester and maybe again in between! This is not to be missed.

Student council election

The next student council election will take place in summer 2025.